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Copper Cabling

We are experienced in the installation of all types of copper cabling - from high pair count backbone cabling to the latest generation of UTP cabling - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a and beyond. We also have experience with all types of coaxial cabling for support of audio/visual systems, distributed antenna systems, etc. Our technicians always arrive with the proper tools and materials for whatever the project requires. Additionally, they are equipped and trained with state of the art testers to insure that you receive an end product that performs as expected.

Our services extend beyond just installing cabling. With our years of expertise, we are able to troubleshoot systems, offer professional advice and even perform related tasks such as wireless access point installation, rack and stack assistance and other services. Just let us know what your communication needs are and we’ll work to meet your needs.

Fiber Cabling

We are just as adept with fiber optic cabling as we are with copper cabling. From legacy OM1 multi-mode fiber to OM3, OM4 and single mode fiber - we have the skill set to properly install all types of fiber optic cabling. Indoor/outdoor, loose tube, armored - whatever the situation requires we have the experience and knowledge to properly install it. We also have the ability to terminate the fiber strands with the proper connector for your situation.

Of course, installation is just a small portion of the fiber services we can provide. We have the latest power meters to make sure your project meets the required loss budget. We have an OTDR to troubleshoot any type of fiber optic installation. And we also have a fusion splicer to allow us to repair whatever problems we may find. As you can see, we have the tools and training to address all of your fiber optic needs.


At Artel Communications, we pride ourselves with the staff and experience we have collected. Our technicians average over 10 years of experience in the industry. Additionally, they are trained on several different manufacturer’s cabling systems so that we can offer the full warranty that they provide. But beyond the technical side of the job, our crews take pride in their craft and strive to provide installations that not only meet all applicable codes and perform as expected, but are neat and orderly and reflect their expert craftsmanship.

We also have two BICSI RCDD’s on staff to provide you with the necessary expertise to design a cabling system to meet you needs. We are also licensed in many states and do everything we can to stay on top of this rapidly changing industry so that you can make the best communication choices for your company.

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